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Flickr / merryberrycherry2 walltwerk
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Phosphenes n. the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes.

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  • me on my deathbed: i just have one more thing 2 say before i die
  • everyone: what is it
  • me: the kardashians just love each other so much like no matter what anyone says they always have each others backs and remember when rob didn't go to kims wedding because he was feeling self conscious and she wasnt even mad she was just sad for him like how sweet is that
  • everyone: are u serio-
  • me: kardashians 4 life
  • me: [dies]
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I’m actually really happy with my life and how things are going for the moment. I’ve been talking to multiple colleges and I’m taking two recruiting trips, one west coast and the other east coast. I really hope something works out to where I’m able to play water polo in college, it’s always been my dream to do this. I’m talking to this guy and he’s just perfect but there are minor complications like always. But everything is finally falling into place how it should and for once in my life I’m actually looking forward to the days to come instead of dreading about what bad thing will happen to me next.

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